Light Box Signs

Illuminated light box signs Are great advertisements 24 hours a day 7 days a week,  as matter of a fact at night it gives it even better Look.

Advertise your business with a outdoor light box sign  without any worry of the elements. we can custom design and fabricate a light box of any size small or big,  we can even turn a light box into a sign of itself with one of our custom specialty sign and Awning projects.

there are many purposes to choose a light box sign for your business,  here are a few you can choose from and relate to maybe.

The two types of light boxes:


  • Holstering a light box on top of a awning creates a unique stunning look for a business
  • Holstering the light box higher than normal Heights on top of the awning for a visual of the sign from a very far distance.



  • You can utilize the stomach look of a light box to Showcase your amazing menu and prices behind the counter.  throughout the years the way people present their menus have drastically changed to either light boxes or LED light boxes that display the menu and prices and we can fabricate them custom designed for your business.
  • you can display your store hours with a Pendleton hours of though videos


The steps of creating a custom illuminated light box sign for your business

step 1: contact us for a free estimate

Step 2 Design & Material & Color Choice

step 3 fabrication

step 4 installation

Outdoor Light Box Signs and Installation Services NYC

Light Box Signs is a great way of advertising at night especially in New York, where the foot traffic that passes by business on a daily bases is unbelievably higher than anywhere else in the world.

Light Box Signs Design

An amazing design is crucial to creating a light box sign for the company that is fabricating it for you.

We can design you an amazing sketch and send it over to you to see if you like it or want to change some things around to get the best light box sign for your business.

We manufacture all of our light boxes check our work to get light box sign ideas


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