Retractable Awnings

Custom Retractable Awnings

Shade retractable awnings are one of the leading type of awnings serving New York for residential and commercial purposes. Retractable awnings are such a privilege to have because you can extend it’s reach to two very high projections for maximum seating and coverage from the elements such as rain sun glare.

Our retractable awnings are sturdy and strong enough to withstand high impact winds even though it is not recommendable to have them extended in such critical conditions that can damage the awning and prevent it from functioning the way it should.


Retractable Awnings Material Canvas

We provides USA american-made exotic canvas and materials for the retractable awning.insuring the quality for years to come, sun rays causing the colors to fade very rapidly and eventually start to rip and deteriorate. Buying exotic materials cost way more then import Chinese materials,

choosing the best signs and awnings company for your retractable awning is very crucial to determine how long the retractable awning will last.

Retractable Awnings

Full Functioning Retractable Awnings

As a sign company New York, we specialize in manufacturing retractable awnings in New York, we can even repair the material on your awning as well for a brand new look. Our Retractable awnings are full functioning by command on the controller that come with every retractable awning that we manufacture at Shade Glider Awnings.

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