Custom Awnings

Custom Signs and Awnings specializes in fabricating custom awnings in any shape design, big or small. After Creating frame we start sewing the material and wrap the custom awning in canvas or Sunbrella material and your choice of vinyl. We use only high quality exotic vinyl canvas or material to ensure we do it right the first time, the cheaper materials or canvas color fades within a year or two from the sun rays and or they rip apart becuase of the cheap materials and threads. Our high-quality awnings last and retains its quality and stunning look.

There are several different types of awnings and enclosures to choose from for your business.

Commercial Awnings

We use only high quality exotic Sunbrella materials and and vinyl canvas cover for the awning. The type of material and color choice you have for your Awning project

Retractable Awnings

Our full functioning retractable awnings give you the protection from the elements along with a good look to advertise on a business storefront.

Vestimbule Enclosures

vestibules create a closed-off atmospheric from the public walkways for tables and seating to Maximize Revenue potential And protection from the elements from harsh winter weather or regular rainy day.

Sidewalk Partitions and Barricades

Sidewalk partitions and barricades separate the seating area from the public walkway. partitions are great if you don't want the area closed off with vestibule enclosures.

Awning Repair/Recovery

We can sew a brand new cover with a stunning design for your awning. We can repair and recover your awning with ease a spot on professional work.

Professional awning Installation

Train staff transport the awning to the project site for a professional installation with safety being our #1 priority.


As a Custom Awning and Sign Company in New York, storefront awnings are the most popular type of a sign that we create. Store front awnings cover all aspects that’s needed for a business, providing protection from the elements and advertises your business at the same time.

You can have your awning with light fixtures underneath the awning that illuminates the front of the business also make the sign stand out at night.

Awning Lighting Cons and Pros:

  • Con – Having lights underneath the awning requires lights which raises the price of the awning(not by much) and higher electricity bills.
  • Pro – Having your awning illuminate at night makes your business stand out as people pass by which is why it makes it the best form of advertisement. The electricity cost can be managed with bulbs that are low on electricity consumption and Eco friendly.

Every material that we use on the awning will be the best quality to ensure that it lasts for years to come and get the maximum use for the only that you pay for.

We are a small family runned company and can assure you that we have the best prices in New York City for awnings, canopies, retractable awnings and residential awnings. There is no job too big or too small for us we can do the job faster and cheaper. We can surely handle and meet tight deadlines as well.

Custom Awning Shapes and Sizes
Types Of Custom Signs

Get your custom awnings design & custom fabrication.

Commercial awnings in NYC not only great source of advertisement, they are protection from the elements to your customers through out the year. Conact us now for a free on site estimate.

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